Screengrab Courtesy of BabyZone via YouTube

A lot of Poppy Playtime fans have taken notice of Mommy Long Legs. It has appeared across the web and has made headlines. If you’re a fan of Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Mommy Long Legs. Let’s discuss Mommy Long Legs’ brutal death scene.

Poppy Playtime 2: Mommy Long Legs Death Scene

Poppy Playtime’s chapter 2 is now out, and its conclusion has some intriguing possibilities for Chapter 3. As we escaped Mommy Long Legs, with clues at every move and notably at the finale, a lot unfolded in the Playtime Co. factory. Certain aspects of the story have gotten clearer, but at the end of Chapter 2, the game has generated nearly as many mysteries as it has explanations.

Screengrab Courtesy of BabyZone via YouTube

At the conclusion of Chapter  2 – Fly in a Web, the primary villain, Mommy Long Legs, will be slain by being ground up in a shredder.

Screengrab Courtesy of BabyZone via YouTube

Your character will board the train to escape Playtime Co. after weird fingers of steel grab what’s left of her, then being deceived by Poppy at the very last moment and sent deeper into the facility until crashing, rendering you incapacitated.

Screengrab Courtesy of BabyZone via YouTube
Screengrab Courtesy of BabyZone via YouTube

The occurrences in Chapter 2’s conclusion, such as Mommy Long Legs’ death, were predictable, given that we also murdered the villain of Chapter 1, Huggy Wuggy, or did we?

When Will Chapter 3 Arrive?

Chapter 2of Poppy Playtime came out less than a year after the first, thus the 3rd might be announced soon. Hypotheses and debates are already happening among fans, with everyone predicting what the next entry might include.

The codes and leaked gameplay footage are already being dissected for any hints. News on Chapter 3 will arrive soon, with clarifications of the elements teased in chapter 2’s ending.

Chapter 3 – Baby Themed

The locale for Chapter 3 of Poppy Playtime may have been foreshadowed near the end of the scene, along with the primary opponent. A banner leading to an area of the facility called Playcare is shown just before the story ends.

Screengrab Courtesy of BabyZone via YouTube

This portion of the facility looks to be built for toddlers, as the name appears to be a Daycare. The themes in Chapter 3 may be much more childlike. Other toys made for or inspired by babies could also play a significant role.

The Orphanage

This could be the location in which the Playtime Co. orphans live. Before its shutdown, Playtime Co. established a project to transfer orphans throughout the world to good families. Staff was reportedly pressured to foster or adopt these children due to bad management. This, paired with the question of how the corporation managed to care for so many of them, suggests malevolent motives, such as deploying them to construct terrible dolls.

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