Poppy Playtime: Kissy Missy Origin Story Explained

Poppy Playtime: Kissy Missy Origin Story Explained

Who really is Kissy Missy?

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering who Kissy Missy from Poppy Playtime is. In the Poppy Playtime’s 2nd chapter, Kissy Missy first appeared as an unexpected ally to the protagonist. It’s quite odd that she lends a hand to the player instead of attacking them, unlike the toys who appeared in the game before her (e.g. Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs).

Missy’s looks appear to be very similar to Huggy Wuggy’s, but they differ in color. She has pink fur, unlike Huggy Wuggy who has a blue coat. Perhaps Kissy Missy’s unprecedented actions lead us to the main question – Who Is Kissy Missy?

Poppy Playtime: Kissy Missy Origin Story Explained
Poppy Playtime 2 Kissy Missy, Photo Courtesy of FusionZGamerr (via YouTube)
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There are lots of theories out there that would seem very plausible, but the most believable one so far is that Kissy Missy could be Stella Greyber.

In Chapter 1, Huggy Wuggy immediately attacked the protagonist since he is designed to guard Playtime Co. Huggy was also noted as extremely obedient and also possessed high intelligence, which means that whatever is commanded to him – kill, defend, or protect – he obeys without hesitation.

On the other hand, Kissy Missy portrayed friendliness and showed zero malicious intent. These traits are quite possible evidence of Stella being Missy. Stella Greyber first appeared in Chapter 1 on one of the VHS tapes. During an interview (as heard from the recordings in the tapes), Stella gave a kind, friendly, and whimsical vibe. In addition to that, she also added that she loved playing with toys as a child.

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KISSY MISSY’S BACK STORY (according to GameToons)

Kissy Missy is one of the toys created in Playtime Co. alongside Huggy Wuggy and Mommy Long Legs. More so, Missy came out in 1985, just a year after Huggy Wuggy was created. In a short animated film made by GameToons (YouTube), Kissy Missy was revealed to be a woman named Melissa Kissinger, who was just looking for her boyfriend, Huggard Wugson, who was an employee of Playtime Co. Melissa, or Missy, suspected that her boyfriend is missing and that she needs to find him immediately.

The cops never believed her so she decided to put things into her hand. After breaking into the vicinity of Playtime Co., Missy was tricked by a presumed scientist into an underground facility. Little does she know that this is the place where her boyfriend Huggard is being kept captive. More so, that facility is where the experiments take place.

Poppy Playtime: Kissy Missy Origin Story Explained
Photo Courtesy of GameToons (via YouTube)

Fast forward, Missy realized that Playtime Co. is not what it seemed to be. Later that same day, Missy woke up realizing she is not in her body anymore. Instead, her consciousness has been transferred to a pink toy doll and became Kissy Missy.

Due to Playtime Co.’s cruel and harsh tests, Missy’s kind and lovely character turned into an evil monster who has the intent to kill. While this story might be believable, it does not make a lot of sense for what actually happened in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2. Missy showed no malicious intent whatsoever. But, Huggy Wuggy did the same act. Huggy showed a friendly vibe before opening his mouth and going on a rampage.

Even though Poppy Playtime is reaching its 3rd chapter, these backstories are yet to be confirmed to the public.

Playtime Co. indeed did an “experiment-gone-wrong” kind of thing in their factory, leading to several toys going nuts, but the story is still being built. Hopefully, in the third chapter, the real cause of these happenings gets confirmation. Everyone is looking forward to knowing who Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs, and Kissy Missy were before they became toys or even monsters.

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