Poppy Playtime: Who is Kitty Witty?

Poppy Playtime has been making waves in the horror video gaming community because of its interesting story and gameplay mechanics. Recently, the official Twitter account for Poppy Playtime reposted an image of a certain “Kitty Witty” skin concept for their free-to-play multiplayer game. If you are wondering who Kitty Witty is in Poppy Playtime, then we’ve got you covered! Here is what we know about Kitty Witty in Poppy & Project Playtime.

Who is Kitty Witty? Is it a new character in Poppy Playtime?

At first glance, some of you may have thought that Kitty Witty is a new character. The devs posting an image of this character is possibly a way for them to get people hyped for Poppy Playtime Chapter 3. Unfortunately, Kitty Witty is not at all a new character in the series. Based on the tweet, it appears that Kitty Witty is a skin concept in Project Playtime — not in Poppy Playtime.

One look at Kitty Witty and it’s obvious that it’s Huggy Wuggy with a different appearance. Huggy Wuggy definitely looks different as Kitty Witty since he looks less terrifying.

  • Of course, his razor-sharp teeth are still there, smiling eerily at us. However, Kitty Witty is designed to look more like a cat than like the monster toy we encountered in Poppy Playtime.
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  • Kitty Witty wears a light blue collar around his neck with the name ‘Huggy’ written on it. There is also a light blue ribbon tied around his tail with a bell in the middle. Overall, this design definitely makes Huggy Wuggy look less terrifying.
  • The image also indicates that it is a skin concept for Project Playtime. With that being said, it’s unlikely that Kitty Witty will be a new character in Poppy Playtime.

  • In Chapter 3, it’s expected that players are going up against The Prototype. According to some theories and rumors, The Prototype is the deadliest out of all the sinister toys we’ve encountered in the Playtime Co. Toy Factory.
  • Having Kitty Witty in Poppy Playtime would just be weird. Unless Mob Entertainment has something up their sleeves to introduce this toy to the game, then it’s better off as a skin for Huggy Wuggy in Project Playtime.
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When will the skin be available in Project Playtime?

As of writing, there seems to be no plans to release the Kitty Witty skin in Project Playtime yet. The multiplayer game’s official Twitter account posted the image as a way to celebrate National Pet Day. It’s possible they release this skin for Huggy Wuggy in the near future but for now, it will remain as a skin concept to the online multiplayer game from Mob Entertainment.

  • Project Playtime is the latest project from Mob Entertainment. It is a multiplayer game that allows seven players to explore the eerie Playtime Co. Toy Factory.
  • The game is similar to Among Us and Dead by Daylight in the sense that one out of the seven players is a Monster. Six players take on the role of Resource Extraction Specialists. Players with this role need to collect parts and assemble a mysterious toy in the Toy Factory.

  • As for the seventh player, they take on the role of the Monster. They need to sabotage and prevent the players from successfully building the giant toy. So far, the Monsters you can control in Project Playtime are Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs, and a new character called Boxy Boo.
  • The devs have clarified that the game is not pay-to-win. On the other hand, they do offer in-game purchases for cosmetics. It’s possible that Kitty Witty will be one of the Monster skins available in the near future.
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What do you think of Kitty Witty making an appearance in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3? Will it be out of place or will it just up the fear factor of the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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