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This game is currently available for 3.99 euros on Steam, which includes the first episode of the game. Users are naturally annoyed at the notion of paying $ 90 to learn more about the game’s origins.

On Oct. 12, 2021, Poppy Playtime, a horror game, is its debut date on Steam. The game quickly became a favorite among horror lovers due to the whole scary component of dolls, a novel gameplay mechanic, and the claustrophobic atmosphere. A nameless protagonist investigates a mystery at an abandoned toy factory in the game. On Steam, Poppy Playtime has almost 9,000 user ratings, with 91% of them being positive.

Poppy Playtime NFT

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Until recently, that number was much higher, but the game’s makers have now opted to include NFTs in the game. In October of this year, Steam prohibited all NFT content from their games. As a result, it’s unclear how the Poppy Playtime creators were able to insert NFTs in the first place.

Players are clearly unhappy about this choice, as Poppy Playtime has received several poor reviews, citing the new NFTs as the reason.
  • MOB Games issued a total of six NFTs, each costing $ 14.99. Each NFT unlocks a unique video and is most likely part of a greater puzzle.
  • Players who purchase all six NFTs will have access to a seventh NFT, allowing them to complete the puzzle and learn more about Poppy Playtime’s overall plot.

Poppy Playtime may be restricted on Steam, as Valve is explicitly opposed to the use of NFTs, as previously stated.

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