Killy Willy
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In the Poppy Playtime Logic series, Killy Willy appears as a major character. Wait, who is Killy Willy? Well, let’s all find out!

Killy Willy’s Physical Appearance

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Killy Willy’s original appearance is Silly Billy. Yes, folks, you read it correctly! He has five eyes with red edges, large claws and nails, sharpened teeth, and humped. After the fire and burning situation Killy underwent, Killy Willy turned black.

A shocking addition to his appearance, a mouth out-of-nowhere appeared on his stomach, while his pupils (well, kind of) melted during the fires as it disappeared now.

Killy Willy’s Story

It all started with the Make-A-Friend Machine. The machine is used to create the Huggy Wuggy toys. One fine day, Playtime Co. planned to make a new companion doll, Silly Billy.

Silly Billy is supposed to be a parents’ friend, he should be watching the kids. He is purposed to be an “Elf On The Shelf”. Unfortunately, the Make-A-Friend Machine malfunctioned.

If you are thinking about what happened next, yes, you might be right with what you thought. It produced Silly Billy wrong. He looked damaged, distorted, and those likes. The workers couldn’t contain their laughter at how Billy came out.

Silly Billy
Screengrab Image Courtesy of GameToons (via YouTube)

Silly Billy became a product of different emotions such as fear, rage, and shame.

Silly Billy is a poor, green-colored doll, and cast away in the fires. They tossed Billy into the insinuator along with all the other rejects they made. The fire chard led him to his physical appearance now.

Moreover, his hate against humanity made him survive the tragic circumstance. And he is back at Playtime Co. to seek revenge after what happened to him. He is no longer Silly Billy, however, Killy Billy happened.

Killy Billy was born when he murdered some of the toymakers. They locked him up on the cutting room floor, as they do not have any means to slaughter the doll.

Killy Willy’s First Appearance

Killy Willy is introduced in LEGEND OF KILLY WILLY… as he jumps out of the shadows and purposely knocks Player into the toy machine. The doll, Kissy Missy tries attacking Killy, unfortunately, she ended up being eaten.

Meanwhile, Player gets back up from the machine, now he is a toy, and escaped with Huggy Wuggy and Poppy. Poppy then explained to Player the story of Killy Billy, formerly Silly Billy.

Killy's First Appearance
Screengrab Image Courtesy of GameToons (via YouTube)

The three went to a room and grabbed an experimental rocket launcher that Huggy mentioned would target Killy’s weak spot when connected to Player’s Grab-Pack. As soon as they leave, Killy Billy appeared and ate Poppy.

However, this changed Player’s doubtful mind, as he went straight to the cutting room floor, and threw a buzzsaw at Killy Billy, freeing Kissy Missy and Poppy. See the video here.

That’s about it! Well, how do you feel now about Killy Willy?

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