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For those of you following the journey of Brooke Khoury, a pro skater and model who suffered a pitbull attack, you can now breathe easy as there are more updates on how she’s doing so far. Although the attack took place back in 2020, it has taken Khoury years to physically recover as she lost her lip and parts of her nose. Here is the latest update we have for 2023. Stay with us!

What happened with Brooke Khoury and the pitbull attack?

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Brooke Khoury, you may be wondering what exactly happened over three years ago. It all happened on November 3, 2020, when Khoury was at her cousin’s house.

  • While she was paying her cousin a visit, Khoury was spending time with their pitbull. She gave the pitbull no reason to attack her as before the violent incident took place, she was actually petting and giving words of affirmation to her cousin’s dog.
  • According to Khoury, everything happened in a flash. After she was done petting and talking to the pitbull, she turned around for a moment. When she turned around again, Khoury recounts that the pitbull “literally lunged at my face.”
Pro skater and model Brooke Khoury - Latest update after pitbull attack - 2
Image Courtesy of Brooklin Khoury via YouTube
  • In the YouTube video where she talked about the incident, Khoury described what happened the whole time the pitbull was attacking her. According to her, the pitbull shook its head from side to side. The whole time, its teeth were digging hard into her face.
  • When the terrifying attack finally ended with the pitbull letting go of Khoury’s face, her lip fell on the floor. Unfortunately, local authorities had to put down the pitbull following the attack to reduce the chances of the incident happening again.
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Road to recovery

Because of how brutal the attack Brooke Khoury suffered because of her cousin’s pitbull, she lost large sections of her face. The missing sections included her top lip and it was such a traumatic experience for someone to live through. She even recalls that near the end of her stay in the hospital, that was the only time she saw her reflection on her phone screen.

Before & After
Images Courtesy of Brooklin Khoury via Instagram

After her condition has stabilized, Khoury began getting surgery and treatment for the missing parts of her face. It was definitely a tough road to recovery for the pro-skater-slash-model but nonetheless, the whole experience taught her a lot of important life lessons.

Pro skater and model Brooke Khoury - Latest update after pitbull attack - 1
Image Courtesy of Brooklin Khoury via YouTube

Before, she would have a hard time going out in public since people tend to stare at her face. Now, she’s gained enough confidence and realized that “people just aren’t used to differences.”

New lip for Brooke Khoury

One of the most vital parts of her face that was affected during the attack was her top lip. Thankfully, her doctors were able to rebuild a top lip for her using skin from her arm.

Pro skater and model Brooke Khoury - Latest update after pitbull attack - BA
Images Courtesy of Brooklin Khoury via Instagram

She also regularly posts updates on her YouTube Channel. The latest video was uploaded on January 10, 2023. In the video, she let her audience get a closer look at what her top lip looks like now. You can check out the other videos on her channel to see how far she’s come after the attack.

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