Project M is an upcoming dark fantasy, action RPG from the South Korean developer HOUND 13. The game is currently under development with the help of Garena. The studio, which has had successes such as Hundred Soul, has now released a battle prototype for their latest RPG.

  • Project M was revealed during the Unreal Summit Online 2021 and is going to be released for PS 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.
  • The prototype shows that the game is going to involve a lot of violence and gore as we can see visuals of blood and severed bodies.
  • The battle gameplay prototype also shows a huge creature, which might be a boss-level enemy in the game. A fast combat system and evasion movements can be seen in the video as well.
  • Finally, this is almost certainly an MMO or a GaaS, rather than a single-player title. Moreover, the game is being released by Garena, a company known for its online game releases.
Check out the gameplay prototype below:

It has been stated that though the prototype makes it seem very similar to Hundred Soul, with the open scenarios and frenzied fights. However, it is too early to be making any comments from just a battle gameplay prototype.

  • HOUND 13 has made a move toward more powerful graphics with the Unreal Engine, and the title was also presented at the South Korean event, Unreal Summit Online 2021.
  • Garena, the creator of Free Fire, made a significant investment in the studio, although it is unclear whether they will also take on the publishing rights. HOUND 13 is a relatively new player in the gaming world.

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