PROJECT: PLAYTIME – What we know so far

The age OF Michael Myers in Dead by Daylight or Mr. Peterson in Hello Neighbor is coming to a neigh. We bring to you the news of the latest addition to the Poppy Playtime Universe, PROJECT: Playtime. Developed and published by MOB Games, Project: Playtime found its announcement on this year’s Halloween. The game has been described as a Poppy Playtime multiplayer co-op that will take everyone back to the horror house that is Playtime Co. Factory. Here’s everything we know about Project Playtime gameplay, plot and more.

For the uninitiated, this announcement is completely off-the-charts. Poppy Playtime currently has two chapters released, with the most recent chapter finding hard-grind criticisms on many fronts. Nonetheless, the first chapter has been exceptionally well received. The game falls in the category of what is known as asymmetrical games.

  • Instead of a Third Chapter, it seems MOB Games plan on giving the audience a new game altogether. Now, now, Chapter 3 is still in the works.
  • For all we know, people can hop into this game while awaiting the third chapter’s release.

When does Project: Playtime release?

MOB Games has revealed that Project: Playtime will be released on 6th December 2022.

What we know about Project: Playtime

poppy playtime
Image grab courtesy of Project: Playtime Official Trailer (4K) in Youtube

Gameplay in Project: Playtime

  • The Survivors – The gameplay will involve six players in a multiplayer setting. The six will work in union to explore the unhinged sections of the Playtime Co. Factory. The official description describes that the gameplay will involve collecting toy parts that eventually create a giant toy. The fun begins with the seventh player.
  • The Monsters – will play the role of Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs, or Boxy Boo. The latter is the newest addition to the scrunchy monster of the already-established universe. All being the boogeyman equivalent of the real world. The seventh player must wreak havoc and murder the rest of the multiplayer users. Depending upon which character the player chooses, the abilities and powers of each of these 3 monsters will be different.
when does poppy playtime chapter 3 release
Boxy Boo as seen in the cinematic trailer, snap grab courtesy of Project: Playtime Official Trailer (4K) in Youtube
  • The End Goal – The game is a free-to-play co-op, hence gameplay will be round-oriented. One round will constitute gathering the toy pieces and collecting them to ultimately clear the end goal.
    • All of this must be done while running away from the monster player. Each of the toy pieces hides in certain unexplored magical parts of the factory. And the retrieval process is guaranteed to not be easy.
    • This is because the game will feature many obstacles, but primarily that each of the pieces will be hidden through a puzzle system. It is also likely that players will encounter a territory toy monster that will defend the toy piece.

Now attest this with the additional threat of a seventh player who is anyhow playing hide and seek with y’all.

poppy playtime
An example of how the GrabPick allows the player to latch on to other objects, grabbed from Project: Playtime Official Trailer (4K) in Youtube
  • The GrabPack – is the name of a powerful tool that the survivor players wield. The GrabPack looks like two long arms and allows the survivors to do menial things. Whether it’s grappling something from far, carrying larger-than-your-own size things, or shutting doors in the face of monsters.

In-game purchases, locations, perks, and abilities in Project: Playtime

snap grab courtesy of Project: Playtime Official Trailer (4K) in Youtube

The game will allow for an in-game currency system called Toy Tickets. This means one cannot purchase them, but must be bought from the tickets gathered within the game.

  1. Monsters are granted something called a sabotage ability. The sabotage allows the monster player to jump on survivors, blind them, trap their paths, destroy their GrabPacks, etc.
  2. For the survivors, the in-game Toy Tickets will buy them perks. The perks are different from sabotage in the sense that they are not abilities directly. The perks are more like, well.. perks. From the official description, we know of three such perks.
    1. Puzzle Master or Medic – likely the perk that will allow faster solving of puzzles faster.
    2. Speed Demon or Shadlow Walker – will reportedly allow stealth walking to escape the monsters’ eye or speed running through their noses.

A shop and appearance change in Project: Playtime

snap grab courtesy of Project: Playtime Official Trailer (4K) in Youtube

Project: Playtime introduces a new feature not seen before. A rotating shop that allows the players to change their appearance with cosmetics. The shop also features a seasonal Toy Box, that contains 100s of cosmetics. Both the monster player and the survivors can change their appearances.

Project: Playtime Plot

The six players are deemed as Resource Extractor Specialists hired at Playtime Co, which is notably the in-game universe’s largest toy company. Hiding beneath the cute surface and themes of toys lurks an undeniable terror. The factory is the helm of a range of magical and demonic unfolding. The game assigns the six players to a special unit and gives them the task of extracting the giant toy parts.

We also hope that Project: Playtime will elaborate on certain mysteries left unsolved so far. The two chapters of the Poppy Playtime are yet to finish all the lores of the universe. Recently MOB Games also released an ARG in an attempt to hype fans for chapter 3. It is likely that Project: Playtime will allow the Resource Extraction Specialists to discover much about this horror of a toy factory.

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