It’s finally December and MOB Games has promised its loyal fanbase a very special Christmas gift! PROJECT: Playtime is the first ever online multiplayer game from MOB Games and it features our favorite killer toys from the Poppy Playtime series. Joining Mommy Long Legs and Huggy Wuggy is a new character called Boxy Boo. So if you’re planning to take your friends into the eerie halls of Playtime Co. Toy Factory, stay with us! We’ll walk you through where to buy and download PROJECT: Playtime.

Gamers don’t need to ‘buy’ PROJECT: Playtime to get the game

The game is entirely free to play during and after it exits the Early Access period. MOB Games has also promised that players don’t need to worry about any “pay to win” mechanics in PROJECT: Playtime. This allowed players to breathe a sigh of relief since you’ll need to upgrade the skills on both the Survivor and Monster classes. It seems like, despite the demand for Poppy Playtime, MOB Games’ real goal is to deliver nothing but awesome jumpscares and a terrifying experience inside the Playtime Co. Toy Factory.

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  • The game is available in Early Access for now. According to the devs, they are looking at a 2023 release date for the full game. What players will experience in the Early Access stage of PROJECT: Playtime will only be a little taste of what’s to come next year
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  • In Early Access, there will only be one map and three main Monsters: Mommy Long Legs, Huggy Wuggy, and Boxy Boo. It is unclear whether MOB Games decides on introducing a new character to the mix, but we’re just glad to know that Boxy Boo is playable in PROJECT: Playtime. As for the Survivors, not much is known about them. All we know is an agency gave them the mission to collect large toy parts and create a giant toy that would ‘take care’ of the killer toys living in the Toy Factory

When can Poppy Playtime fans play the game?

PROJECT: Playtime’s Early Access phase was originally slated for December 6. However, MOB Games has disclosed that they are running into server issues. Because of this, they have decided not to go ahead with releasing the game to the public for now. The PROJECT: Playtime community is divided on what to feel. Some understand MOB Games’ decision, while some are frustrated

  • Although it is disappointing, we’re pleased that MOB Games has decided to postpone PROJECT: Playtime’s release date. Instead of forcing the game to come out and have players encounter server crashes, they should take all the time they need to iron out any creases in the game
  • Since the hype is real, a lot of players are probably expecting a lot from PROJECT: Playtime. Do keep in mind that once it becomes available on Steam, it’s only in Early Access! So keep your expectations low since the game is still likely in development
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Screengrab Courtesy of MOB Games via YouTube

There is no official announcement yet about a new release date for the game’s Early Access. At first, PROJECT: Playtime devs were confident that they would still meet the promised release date. But as seen in the tweet above, they ran into some server backend issues. Here’s to hoping that we’ll still get the game within the week. Nonetheless, MOB Games should take all the time they need instead of rushing things.

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How did you feel when you learned of PROJECT: Playtime being delayed? We would love to hear from you in the comments below! Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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