Project Resistance Getting Downvoted & Negative Comments On Youtube As Fans Express Their Anger

Capcom recently revealed Project Resistance, a new game set in the Resident Evil universe. The 4v1 co-op survival game raised a lot of eyebrows, with fans expressing their utter disapproval against the direction Capcom undertook for the Resident Evil franchise.

Firstly, the video has been flooded with downvotes by the fans. For the record, the likes counter stands at 3.5k likes while the dislikes is one and a half times more at 5.2k. Speaking of the fans disappointment towards the game, the fans have been furious over the gameplay direction in general. With Resident Evil 2 Remake Capcom took one step forward and with the latest announcement, they have taken two steps backwards, according to the fans. You can find the video below

Resident Evil 2 Remake was hands down one of the best games to have released this year. That being said, Project Resistance game doesn’t look that appealing and is something fans of the Resident Evil franchise wouldn’t be very pleased with. However, we should wait for the game to launch to form some conclusive opinion about the same.

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