Project xCloud And Xbox Game Pass Will Bring The Console To Success, According To Microsoft

It is a known fact that during this generation the home console from Microsoft remained clearly behind, in the pure number of consoles sold, compared to the competition. Not only has PlayStation 4 dubbed the numbers of Xbox One, but also Nintendo Switch seems destined to surpass the Redmond gaming machine. Does this mean that Microsoft’s gaming division has given up? Absolutely not and, indeed, sees a bright future ahead, especially thanks to Project xCloud and Xbox Game Pass.

Satya Nadella stated that the company is “well-positioned” to succeed in the market thanks to subscription services. Explaining how the gaming side can fit into the overall direction of the company, Nadella said that Xbox already has many tools available to thrive in a rapidly growing market thanks to the creation of new technologies and new business models.

“We have a perfect network like Xbox Live. So, I think we are well-positioned for what is becoming a much bigger market than the traditional one, especially thanks to all the success we have achieved over the years.”

Nadella then suggested that a move to streaming and subscription-based subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud will not mean the end of the classic AAA titles.

Microsoft therefore strongly believes in its services. Xbox Game Pass, already now, is excellent and is achieving success. If the Redmond house could do the same thing with Project xCloud it would probably have the road paved for Xbox Scarlett. What do you think about it?


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