PS Exclusive Bugsnax Comes Out on Xbox and Switch This Month

Bugsnax, which was formerly available solely on PlayStation, is no longer exclusive.

Wait, what?! Yup! you read that right. Bugsnax, a game from Young Horses, will be available on Xbox on April 28 this year as part of the Game Pass library. It’ll be available for Nintendo Switch and Steam as well.

This adventure game, Bugsnax gained attention at E3 2020. And it’ll soon be playable on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Another good news is that Bugsnax will receive a free expansion! The Isle of BIGsnax is a free DLC that will be released on April 28 for all that have the game. This provides a new explorable area populated by gigantic bugs.

The main game will include the Isle of Bigsnax. And in that new ecosystem, there will be new quests, challenges, and Bugsnax to discover.

Bugsnax will cost $24.99 at launch, due to a 20% discount. This cool game will be available with day-one access on Xbox platforms, Windows PCs, and the Cloud for Game Pass members.


Bugsnax was a key element of the PS5’s first launch lineup, and it was also published on PlayStation 4 and PC at the same time. However, Bugsnax isn’t the only PS5 launch title to make its way to Xbox.

The transition between major platforms is a two-way street. These are some of the recent titles:

  • Godfall, which was published on PS4, PS5 & PC, has now been made available on Xbox about a week ago.

PlayStation to Xbox

Release Date on Xbox

Bugsnax April 28, 2022
Godfall April 7, 2022
  • The Ascent was released a few weeks ago on PS4 and PS5.
  • Last September, The Medium, arrived on PS5.

Xbox to PlayStation

Release Date on PlayStation

The Ascent
March 24, 2022
The Medium
September 3, 2021

It’s possible that this trend will continue in the weeks and months ahead. This fantastic news will undoubtedly benefit not just the fans, but also the developers, as it will surely raise their sales by even a small fraction. We sincerely hope that more Xbox and Playstation exclusive games will soon become non-exclusive.

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