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According to a credible source, the list of free games for PS Plus May 2022 will be announced soon and it includes FIFA 22 for PS4 and PS5.

Deadlabs reported that Sony is set to reveal on Wednesday which titles will be featured in next month’s PS Plus membership and which will go on sale on May 3rd. The PS Plus membership will be renewed on June 22nd. The new subscription offers various perks based on how much you pay each month.

May 2022 PS Plus Rumored Games

FIFA 22 PS4, PS5
Curse of the Dead Gods PS4
Tribes of Midgard PS4, PS5


FIFA 22 is the final EA Sports football game before they change their label. Included in this release are new physics, actions, and control elements. As a player in Career mode, you may achieve your ambition of starting and managing a football club; leading it to triumph.

Image Courtesy of EA

Every season, VOLTA FOOTBALL provides you with new approaches to play and grow because it rewards you for showcasing your unique style of play in a new rendition of street football. Improved team customization and a new advancement mechanism in Pro Clubs make it easier than ever to assemble your own team.

Curse of the Dead Gods

It is an independent game where we may acquire magical artifacts and an array of weapons in order to become unstoppable. In a cavern filled with traps and secrets of all kinds, including fire-breathing statues, explosives, concealed spikes, and more, you’ll face swarms of enemies.

Image Courtesy of Passtech Games

Tribes of Midgard

Survival, combat, and dungeon delving all come together in the Tribes of Midgard. Every time you play, you’ll be transported to a brand-new world, populated solely by your tribe and armed with nothing more than loincloths and the mission that they will save the world. Acquire the skills, knowledge, and equipment you’ll need to outlast Ragnarök.  The longer you manage to withstand, the greater rewards you will earn.

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