[FIXED] PS3 Users Once Again Getting PSN Error 8002A537 Today

UPDATE 4: PS3 PSN is now back to normal.

UPDATE 3: PlayStation JP has announced that the maintenance is extended to May 29.

UPDATE 2: Sony stated that the system is undergoing maintenance.

UPDATE 1: As of 1:40 PM (UCT) Sony is still working to fix the issue.

Throughout this time, PlayStation support has advised users to boot up their PS3 in safe mode and choose option 2, Restore Default Settings. We don’t know if this fix has helped anyone.

Unfortunately, there is no estimate as to how long Sony will take to fix the issue. Nonetheless, the fact that the problem has been recognized is a good thing. Let’s hope that positive news for PS3 users is delivered as soon as possible.

There are a large number of players, indicating that the issue is happening around the world.  Furthermore, because the problem only surfaced in the last few hours, we’ll have to sit tight and see if Sony will formally acknowledge the issue.

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