PS4 Firmware Update 6.72 Now Available

Sony has just released the 6.72 firmware update for PS4. From today it will be possible to download the most recent system software patch to update your PS4 console.

What are the features of this update is not known, since everything remains shielded under the classic definition of “system performance improvement”, which unfortunately means everything and nothing.

As reported on the official website: “From July 16, 2019 an update of the PlayStation 4 system software is available. You can use it to update the system software to version 6.72. Always update the PS4 system to the latest version of the available system software. With the update, you can use different additional functions and have greater security”.

Most likely it is a preparation update to something much bigger that will happen later or, as described in the notes, simply an improvement in performance. This method of release of updates is not new to Sony, which often introduces small updates to improve the stability of the system.

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