With the new console just round the corner, sales of the previous generations of consoles have been seeing a drop. While that’s not something surprising, what’s unexpected is the rapid decline in sales.

The sales of both the PS4 and Xbox One have declined rapidly in January. This is significantly lesser than the sales during the last console generation, aka January 2013. On the contrary, Switch sales have been pretty steady in the same period, which kind of makes sense. It’s been revealed earlier as well that a significant chunk of Switch owners don’t use it as a primary console.

Furthermore, Industry Analyst Danial Ahmed revealed a few more reasons for the drop in sales. He cites the following reasons for the same,

  • “PS4 and XB1 have both held at current price points for a number of years.
  • Impact of early announcements for PS5/XSX with BC.
  • Shift to HD gaming across multiple devices.
  • Delays in key titles planned for 2020.

The reasons do make sense, and considering the power-packed hardware the PS5 is set to house, this isn’t that surprising.


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