PS5: 13.4 Million Units Sold Globally

Sony has reached yet another milestone, with over 13.4 million units of the PS5 sold across the globe! Sony had released its earnings report recently, showing us how good its gaming section has been doing.

  • The July to September Q2 period had greatly boosted sales, witnessing 3.3 million PS5 sales within that period.
  • Compared to the previous quarter, Sony’s Game & Network Services Segment had sold 1 million more PS5 units in the Q2 period.
  • The Q2 sales match the 2020 Q4 sales figure and are just behind the highest recorded quarterly sales of 2020 Q3, which was 4.5 million sales.


  • The net revenue for the gaming division from these sales is $5.86 billion. Apart from recovering costs, the profit amounted to $ 0.751 billion.
  • PlayStation 4 sales have, however, gone down, and PS 5 consoles have been sold at a loss in some areas, causing a 21% decrease in year-on-year operating profit.
  • With the PS5 accounting for 27% of Sony’s total revenue in Q2 of 2021, it also accounts for 26% of the total operating profit.

This number is still lesser than expected according to Bloomberg. This is attributed to the shortages of PS5 units in stores due to chip shortages globally. However, it cannot be denied that this is a huge achievement. Despite such shortages, the PS5 is the US’s fastest-selling console in history.

In regards to games, Sony has sold 76.4 million games in the last quarter for both the PS4 and the PS5. Among these, big titles such as God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Marvel’s Spider-Man have seen the highest lifetime sales. The PS5 has seen great sales for Demon’s Souls and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

The PlayStation Plus service has 47.2 million subscribers, which is 2.2 million higher than last quarter.

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