The PS5 and Xbox Scarlett have been teased by both Sony and Microsoft respectively for quite some time now. Both of the companies have been flaunting the prowess of their upcoming consoles and fans are eagerly waiting for the launch. Amidst all the hype, there is some not-so-good news for the fans.

William Ho, NHL 20 & EA Canada Developer in an interview with Electric Playground Network revealed that the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will be always connected online. He says, “There’s so much up in the air right now, we’re just starting to wrap our heads around it. We’ve got some ideas, you know, I think something I alluded to earlier is how can we let people have their personal experience whenever they want it? That’s something I think next-gen is probably going to facilitate: greater power, more storage, always connected online, insanely short load times, so we’ll see about that.” You can find the interview below

There is ambiguity around the statement that whether it is a compulsion or not. Currently, both the consoles have always online functionality but it is not a necessity. Whether it’ll be a requirement in upcoming consoles is something which we are skeptical about. Considering that this not coming from Sony or Microsoft directly, take it with a grain of salt. However, we should know more about it in the coming days.


  1. It had better damn well NOT be a requirement. Microsoft pulling that stunt with their Xbox One (requiring an internet connection in order to use the console at all) is what got many angry in the first place. I have absolutely ZERO desire to buy a console that requires an always connected internet connection without regard to failures caused by the reset button popping out or by internet failure caused by an internet cable being gnawed on by squirrels and/or gophers. Because that means one reset button pop out or one gopher or squirrel incident with the internet cable and you’ve totally wasted your money on a brick. Sony and Microsoft: If you want my money, you WILL NOT force us to have an always connected internet connection in order to use your consoles!!! The whole point of buying one is so that we are allowed to play your games and watch movies whether or not we have a stable internet connection.

    • Im a true gamer and played games on all consoles and PC but bro I don’t need to always be online cause if that’s the case we in trouble that means I have to log in to access my games, download disc based games using the internet, cant owned my games nor let my friends borrow games. This is going to pissed alot of ppl all across the world including areas that don’t have internet

      • I agree, true gamers are not defined by always being online. That’s a dangerous statement which can lead to us basically losing ownership of our titles and systems. And gaming hasn’t always been online nor massively multiplayer. If this is the case I’ll stay a generation+ behind and save my money

      • there are still disc games being made and still will be next generation.
        this statement has been taken out of context…. the next xbox will NOT have to always be online… spencer said that months ago quote “we are years away from streamed or always online content, disc media still plays a huge part, we want to give gamers a choice”

  2. spencer has already stated there will be no forced online, unless the game has online elements….. so this has been completely taken out of context…. just like the news that “ps5 will be twice as powerful” which is ridiculous and utter nonsense

  3. Haven’t played online since world at war on PS3 online requirement for PS5 will be a deal-breaker if Sony turns into a fan boy Xbox with nothing to offer pc gameing will take over Sony is a big seller for awesome exclusives and player focus look at the feed back with need for speed online requirement for no reason bad business decisions


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