PS5 and XBox Scarlett To Have Similar Specs, Microsoft To Catch Up With Sony, Says Jason Schreier

Another day, and another insider information about the upcoming consoles. This time, it’s Jason Schreier from Kotaku revealing some information about the upcoming consoles.

In a tweet, Jason Schreier says,

“A few more next-gen tidbits:

– MS has been well behind Sony w/r/t communication, but that probably won’t matter next fall

– Whispers suggest PS5 and XB2 have similar specs (and both sound VERY powerful)

– PS5 strategy is to be as accessible as possible (hence “no load times”)”

Considering the fact that both Microsoft and Sony are planning to go all out on their next-gen console, this sounds pretty much believable. What remains to be seen is how Microsoft catches up to Sony as far as communications are concerned.



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