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34-year-old Shawn Wallace was listed as one of two people accused of forcing their way into the victim’s flat on November 11, 2021. The two guys attempted to steal his PS5 at gunpoint.

  • The victim said he was able to grab his PS5 and iPad then flee out of the flat into a neighbor’s. The two guys then pursued the victim and discovered him in the bathroom of the other residence.
  • While pointing a weapon at the plaintiff, Wallace, who the plaintiff calls “P,” asked whether he “wanted to die over his PS5”.
  • The two snatched the victim’s PS5, iPad, and stole $25 from his wallet while he was stunned. According to the complaint, the victim was able to identify Wallace in a photo line-up a couple of days later.

Wallace now faces felony accusations of robbery and aggravated violence. Plus a handful of misdemeanor charges including theft, receiving stolen property, and making terroristic threats. On $100,000 bail, he was taken to Somerset County Jail. On November 24, a preliminary hearing will be held.


PS5 Shortage

First of all, it’s not just PS5 that is facing the supply crisis as the pandemic has hit all of the console manufacturing industry. These chips are a major component of the CPUs and GPUs of electronic devices. These materials needed to make the chips aren’t being excavated because of the pandemic and till then, all manufacturing is stuck. Now, this was the primary reason for the lack of supply. Another reason for it is exceptionally high demand.

In the pandemic, people are exploring their passions and hobbies increasingly and gaming is one of them. Hence, the demand for consoles is rising at a fast pace amidst COVID-19 and the supply has taken a hit because of the basic material shortages. This has trapped PS5 in a vicious cycle of demand-supply which is getting more and more intense. It is our hope that all of it would end as soon as the pandemic ends, and the console industry emerges stronger than ever.

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