PS5 Buy: B&H Implementing Hassle-Free Way To Sell Consoles

Buying a PS5 is a chaotic process. Especially with limited stock, spontaneous drop timings, and most importantly, scalpers, it’s a painful task. To tackle these hurdles, retailer B&H is taking a different approach to selling PS5 units.

On B&H’s PS5 page, you can sign up for notifications for when the console comes back in stock. A few lucky people received an email from the retailer that allowed them to buy the PS5 without any hassle.

“This was the exact opposite of every drop ever,” tells a B&H customer who successfully secured the PS5 today. “Got the email, called the #, punched in the code and was speaking to a live person instantly. Whole transaction took like 3 minutes with ZERO STRESS! Unreal!”

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B&H’s Interesting Approach To Selling PS5 Units

B&H is sending emails to a set of lucky randomly selected customers who signed-up for PS5 stock notifications on their website. The retailer reserved one PS5 console per user and asked them to complete their purchase by February 18. You might ask, where did these customers buy the PS5 from? Well, here’s the interesting part.

B&H isn’t selling the PS5 on their website, via regular phone sales, or at their NYC Super Store. But through a special phone number set up specifically for the PS5.

Each customer is given a unique code, which they’ll give out to the phone sales agent upon inquiry. Once verified the email and phone number associated with the unique code, you’ll finally have a PS5 secured.

Here’s the entire email –

PS5 Buy: B&H Implementing Hassle-Free Way To Sell Consoles

February 15, 2021

Dear Customer: Thank you for your interest in the new Sony PS5 Video Gaming Console. This item has received tremendous customer interest and B&H has received relatively limited quantity for sale. Interested customers asked us to notify them about the item. We just received another small delivery from Sony.

From the very large list of customers who asked us to notify them if the PS5 became available, we are only able to offer the item to a very small group, that group fortunately includes you. We used our best efforts to choose individual customers rather than resellers to minimize abuse.

We will reserve one system for you, so you must complete your purchase by Thursday February 18th at 6pm New York time. You can only purchase this item by phone (instructions below). Please note that B&H will not have any Sony PS5’s available to sell on our website, via regular phone sales, or at our NYC SuperStore – the product is only available on an extremely limited basis to the recipient of this email following the instructions below (you cannot transfer this option to anybody else).

You will be able to purchase the system in one of three variations (but only one may be selected):

1) Sony PS5 Video Gaming Console (console only) for $499.99 (Sony’s manufacturer’s suggested retail price),

2) PS5 Gaming Console together with a game bundle. The bundle includes 3 games including Demon’s Souls, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. The price for this group if sold individually is $679.96. The bundle price is $629.99

3) PS5 Gaming Console together with game bundle and reclining gaming chair. The bundle includes the games in Option 2, plus a PS5 DualSense wireless controller and the gaming chair. The price for this group if sold individually is $919.94. The bundle price is $818.99

To purchase your Sony PS5, please follow these instructions:

1) Select the system option you want (you can only select one of the options. We are limiting each customer to one PS5 console included in the Option they select.)

2) Call B&H at a special phone number set up for the Sony PS5 only – 800-947-1174 during regular hours (9am – 7pm M-Th, 9am – 1pm Fri, and 10am – 5pm on Sun)

3) Give the following code to the B&H agent (you will need to use this code to reach a phone sales agent) Unique Code: 4XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

4) Please make sure to call us purchase by Thursday February 18th at 6pm New York time, otherwise we will give this option to the next person in line and will be unable to sell a PS5 to you

5) We will only sell this unit to you at this email address with the unique promo code. This option cannot be transferred

Please send any questions to [email protected] This will be the best source of information on this situation at B&H. We expect to ship out the orders this week.

We have tried to come up with the fairest way to allocate the limited product we received from Sony. We thank you very much for your business.


B&H Customer Service Team

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