It’s been over two months since the PlayStation 5 was released worldwide, but the stock issues don’t seem to end anytime soon. A number of factors have led to the scarcity in stock, with the pandemic’s impact on the production cycle and supply chain playing a pivotal role. As people are still struggling to get their hands on the console via retail, some scalpers have started selling consoles via 3rd party sites such as eBay.

Apart from charging a premium for the console, which might go as high as twice the retail price of the PlayStation 5, some people have started misusing the platform as well to scam people. Apparently, people are selling empty boxes on eBay and many people have already fallen for it. In fact, we saw several completed auctions above $1,000 although Snopes confirms that these listings weren’t paid for.

In a statement to Video Games Chronicle, eBay states that it is taking action to remove these fraudulent listings. The listings are an infringement of eBay’s ‘No Items Listing Policy’ since it misrepresents what the seller is actually selling. Furthermore, eBay urges buyers to be extra cautious when buying items that are in high-demand, such as the PS5.

In case you have fallen for the scam, eBay has assured that buyers are entitled to ask for a refund under eBay’s Money Back Guarantee. A good thumb rule is to look at the seller’s ratings before placing an order and make sure you read the description properly as well. In the past, people have sold printouts of the PS5’s image on eBay and some buyers accidentally bought without checking the description.

If you are not in too much of a hurry, we recommend waiting for retail outlets to restock the console. You can keep a tab on our website, or our Twitter handle to stay updated about the latest drops and restock information.