PS5 Could Run Cooler With New Custom Faceplates

Overheating and damage to consoles have been a constant worry for PS5 owners. This has been aggravated just before the console’s launch last year. Specifically, when a video of a display model at Best Buy bursting into flames went viral.

In addition, it has been stated that slimmer PS5 versions that are available n Australia and Japan are prone to overheating quicker owing to a scaled-back heat sink, but it was then refuted with claims that they actually run cooler than the standard PS5.

Image Courtesy of Dbrand

Sony is not very enthusiastic in general about custom faceplate designs from third-party companies, and it has been seen that most players are more than satisfied with the standard white and black design of the powerful console. However, there are players who wish to customize their consoles with different themes.

5 Degrees Cooler

Canadian company Dbrand has released a faceplate for the PS5. They claim that the console can run at 5 degrees lower with it. It is surprising that Dbrand has chosen to launch its new faceplate design just a few days after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from PS5 maker Sony.

Beginning in February, Dbrand had begun to sell unofficial PS5 faceplates in its signature black design, for which it has recently received a cease-and-desist from Sony.

Image Courtesy of Dbrand

Dbrand has been one of the few companies that have been able to challenge Sony’s cease-and-desist orders and their allegations of copyright infringement. Dbrand has stated that the PS5 console will run cooler with extra air vents. The other features include LED RGB light strips on the inner side.

  • The faceplate is available in three colors, PS-1 grey, black, and standard PS5 white. On releasing the Darkplates 2.0, the new faceplates, Dbrand believes that the new product is free from future legal proceedings. Dbrand has stated that the new design sidesteps Sony’s patent on PS5 faceplates.
Image Courtesy of Dbrand
  • Dbrand has also stated that the faceplates provide a renewed look for the high-powered console, while also helping it run better. Two large fans on the underside of the faceplates act as additional heat sinks. Dbrand stated that “the vents on the Darkplates 2.0 maximize your stock thermal performance without running it naked.”

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