Courtesy of Sony

There is a PS5 game reveal happening on June 4, Sony confirmed yesterday.

The reveal is going to be an hour-long, with both first party and third party games to be showcased.

If you’re confused when and how to watch this anticipated event, don’t worry we got you covered.

The PS5 games reveal event will be streamed on PlayStation’s Youtube and Twitch channel.

Here are the timings for the different places:-

  • 1 pm PDT
  • 2 pm MDT
  • 3 pm CDT
  • 4 pm EST
  • 5 pm Brazil
  • 8 pm UTC
  • 9 pm BST, UK
  • 10 pm Germany CEST
  • 11 pm Russia
  • 12 am (next day) Russia
  • 1:30 am (next day) India
  • 4 am (next day) Singapore & China
  • 5 am (next day) Japan
  • 6 am (next day) Australia
  • 8 am (next day) New Zealand


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