PS5 The Future of Gaming Event
PS5 The Future of Gaming Event

Update: Sony’s official confirmation is here!

New Details:

As many of you already know, the event is pre-taped, but here’s the catch. The stream will be 1080p 30fps. Sid Shuman, Senior Director at SIE Content Communications also asks people to wear headphones since “there’s some cool audio work in the show”.

Original Article:

PS5’s The Future of Gaming event, which was originally scheduled for June 4 will now be streamed on June 11.

Former writer Roberto Serrano shared the news yesterday but people weren’t sure if that was the case. Just today, ResetEra user Scotia has spotted a Twitch advertisement, exactly as the original one, but with a changed date.

The re-scheduled date is June 11, 9 pm BST.

Not just in English, but the ad is running in multiple languages including Italian. Here’s a tweet from Roberto Branni –

Here’s another evidence from ResetEra user Fatmanp who said he’s seen the advertise twice now –

View post on

ResetEra user Blizz has seen the advertisement as well –

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We’re waiting for Sony to confirm the same on their PlayStation Blog. As soon as they do it, the PS5 hype will start rising once again.

Stay with us as we’ll update you whenever Sony makes an official announcement.

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