First PS5 impressions are out from a couple of Japanese Youtubers that were lucky enough to get their hands on Sony’s next-gen system. Fortunately, there are a few interesting revelations that you need to know about.

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Retail PS5 Hardware (

According to a resetera thread, Dengeki and 4chan both reported that the PS5 is incredibly “silent” when it’s switched on. According to them, they could barely hear the PS5’s fan while playing Godfall. This is a surprising takeaway, considering how noisy the standard PS4 is even today. They also went on to mention that the airflow from the console was warm and not hot, as is usually the case with the PS4.

Twitter user IKKI28PartIII also posted about the PS5’s lightning-fast SSD that loads Godfall instantly after dying.

DualSense with different coloured lighbars

Aside from the incredibly quiet PS5, we also now know that the Dual Sense controller features a new LED in contrast to that of Dual Shocker 4 and isn’t distracting as the latter. It also feels much better. You can check out the entire video down below for a more detailed explanation as well as a few gameplay snippets from Astro Play that launches alongside the PS5.



These are the first PS5 impressions we have as of now. We will keep updating the post as soon as we get more information. 



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