Thrustmaster, a gaming wheel manufacturer, has confirmed the T-GT II, first-ever officially approved racing wheel that is perfectly compatible with the PlayStation 5. It will be obtainable in Europe starting today, but not in the United Kingdom until September 1st, the United States and Canada on October 5th, and everywhere else by the end of 2021.

T-GT II Features

  • GT Sport-specific leather-wrapped steering wheel with 25 action toggles, 1 push-button, and 4 rotary selectors (differential braking, traction control, fuel mapping, torque management)
  • Next-generation 40-watt brushless engine with high torque capability for outstanding responsive Force Feedback.
  • For optimum quality and longevity, internal elements from the European automotive industry (AEC-Q) were used.

  • H.E.A.R.T. (proprietary magnetic technology) for an indefinite lifespan and ideal precision.
  • A dual-belt system ensures a smooth gaming experience with no dead zones.
T-LIN A system that guarantees that the force experienced by the user is equivalent to the force assessed in the game.
T-F.O.C. Technology that enables the motor to respond adaptively and quickly to torque demands while reducing power drops.
T-MCE With the potent T-40VE motor, a super-efficient cooling framework preserves linearity and dynamics.
T-TURBO Power supply with constant output and a massive peak output of 400 watts.

In comparison to its predecessors, the wheel includes some new features. This includes real-time drift curve calculation (T-DCC), real-time force feedback (T-RTF). Moreover, it has an AEC-Q-certified printed circuit boards, ensuring the wheel’s durability and functionality for years to come.

Price, Availability

Only the most dedicated racing enthusiasts will be able to afford the wheel, which will be more expensive than the PlayStation 5. The gaming wheel is also compatible with the PlayStation 4.

T-GT II Complete Set
(Servo Base, Wheels, Pedals)
Servo Base + Wheel £599.99
Servo Base £449.99

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