PS5 Games Coming To PlayStation Now, New Patent Explains

Sony PlayStation is one of the biggest names in the console gaming market as well as the game development market. Unfortunately, their new service PlayStation Now isn’t performing all that well. Recently there were also talks about creating a service or enhancing the PS Now service as a reply to Xbox Game Pass. Anyways, in their efforts to boost PlayStation Now, Sony will be adding some PS5 games to it finally.

The Patent

A recently published Sony patent for ‘Ultra High-Speed Low-Latency Network Storage’ revealed an exciting new development. Apparently, there is some ongoing work to enable streaming for PS5 games on PS Now. Specifically, the patent is about using multiple NVME drives which are networked together for the purpose game streaming. What’s noticeable here is that these are the kind of storage drive used in the PS5,

The forementioned system has multiple copies of the same content across different storage drives. Apart from that, it might switch between different drives depending on their workload. This process is vital for a streaming a service with millions of users, which leads us to believe that PS5 games will be coming to PS Now soon.

This patent was filed sometime in April and was published earlier this month. Now since it was filed over 5 months ago, we can be sure they must have been working on it even before that. This means it might not be as far as some people believe and might well arrive in summer 2022. Recently PS5 received its biggest update yet and this might be announced in the next major update. We’ll have to wait for some official information to follow.


For those who don’t know, PS Now is a cloud gaming subscription service developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It allows members to stream PlayStation games on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. Since it is an online gaming service, it requires a constant ad stable internet connection. It is recommended that players have a minimum of 5 Mbps internet connection to achieve good performance.

Like any cloud gaming service, the user data and all your saves are stored in a large database and servers run by SIE. What’s amazing is that fact that it allows you to access Playstation exclusives like God of War on PC. But the downside is that it is all online and might cause severe FPS fluctuations and unwanted server ups and downs. Online gaming is not that ideal for RPG games, but that’s a debate for another day.

The thing that matters is that till PS Now only featured Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4 games. Soon, it will feature PS5 games as well, and this is a big news for many gamers.

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