PS5 Gold Prime Limited Edition, Only 5 In The World
Image by Caviar

Sony PlayStation is one of the biggest names in the console gaming market as well as the game development market. Their latest console PS5 was released last year and proved to be an incredible piece of machinery. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, it has faced a high demand, low supply crisis. Though it got a big restock a week ago, the crisis might not end for a year or so more. Amidst all this chaos, Caviar has come up with a new gold edition of the console.

PlayStation 5 Gold Prime Edition

While most people in the world aren’t able to get their hands on the regular PS5 consoles, Caviar has decided to launch a solid gold-crafted PS5 Edition. Talking about PlayStation 5 Gold Prime Edition, Cavier said, “It is the best and most exclusive series ever produced by Caviar”. It is part of the collection which also includes gold versions of iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad Mini 6, and Airpods Max.

Well, it better be because it costs over $350,000 and that is an insane amount of money for anyone to spend on a console. It is a limited deal as only 5 such units have been produced by Caviar.

The limited-edition console’s exterior is made of 18k solid gold engraved with subtle patterns which provide a rich and luxurious look to the console. Even the console stand is made of first-class ebony adding to its royal look.

Its exact retail price is $352,770, making it one of the most expensive PlayStation 5 game consoles you can buy. That right, “one of the”. This is because last year when PS5 was released Caviar came out with the PS5 Golden Rock Edition which was priced at $500,000!

Dualsense Controller

Along with the PS5 console, the DualSense controller has also been modified. The controller is covered with genuine black leather engraved with the same refined patterns as the console. The leather covering would make the controller incredibly soft and comfortable to use, though your hand might sweat a lot. Both the joysticks are decorated with gold inserts, giving them a rick look. Also engraved on the joysticks, is the distinctive Caviar logo.

A cheaper alternative has also been launched by Caviar for US$ 12,750, which is still a lot. This version is gold-plated, instead of being solid gold. Also, the gold used for plating in this version is 24 carrot gold, which is technically better than 18k. But the real difference is solid gold vs original material plated with gold. 99 units of this variant will be produced in total. It contains the disk drive version along with one controller.

So, if you have a bucket-load of money just lying around, you might wanna think about purchasing one of these two versions. Three hundred thousand dollars is a humungous amount for anyone to pay for a console. But then again, there are people who are willing to spend such huge amounts on luxury. As for the regular PS5 consoles, the supply crisis will continue to bother fans for at least a year more.

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