PS5: Japan Studio’s next is a new AAA IP set in space; Might be revealed at the PS5 event

PS5 games reveal event is happening on June 4 and the rumors have started pouring in.

According to a neogaf post,  Sony’s Japan Studio is working on a huge AAA IP set in Space which is very ambitious.

This new ambitious IP is apparently being led by creative director Tsutomu Kouno, who previously worked on critically acclaimed titles such as ICO and LocoRoco.

This new IP was first leaked by Reddit user Ruin4r back in 2014 as an “unnamed space game”, alongside various others such as the God of War, The Last of Us Part 2 and Days Gone, which all came to be true.

On the other hand, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida also spoke about this unnamed project during E3 2015, stating that Japan Studio is now producing a really great project that he’s really excited about.

Even though it has been almost 6 years since this leak occurred, we haven’t heard or seen anything about this new project by Sony. It is possible that the game got internally delayed and is now a PS5 launch title.

Sony did trademark something called “RaySpace”  back in 2017, which many are speculating is this unnamed space game.

Sony’s PS5 games reveal event is happening on June 4 and Jason Schreier has confirmed some of those first-party titles may also be available this holiday season.

On the other news, it’s also rumoured that Sony Japan Studios is working on a new Silent Hill game. It would be interesting to see which of these two rumoured games are revealed first.

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