The news surrounding PS5 has been low and fans have been eagerly waiting for new tidbits regarding Sony’s next-gen console. This new leak however may not appeal to everyone and is certainly something that will make a lot of people worried.

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According to the resetera user Agram, the PS5 will have a usable memory of 664 GB out of its Custom 825 GB SSD. This is shockingly low in contrast to that of Xbox Series X that boasts a total of 802 GB  out of its 1 TB  PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSD.

Agram also posted the following images to further add fuel to this rumor.

All of this should definitely be taken with a grain of salt as Sony hasn’t addressed any of it yet officially. We will further update the story as more information will be available.

What do you think of the amount of usable memory available on a PS5? Will it hinder your holiday purchase? Tell us in the comments down below.


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