The gaming industry is booming today before of countless new innovations and the will of the developers to push the boundaries of technology. Sony PS5 is one such console that implemented loads of new technology and continues to deliver more with each new update. It is a console that is hard to find the cause of the availability issues, but once you find it, you won’t regret it. PS5 is now back with another new feature that will allow your console to auto upload your screenshots and videos to your phone.

PS5 Auto Share

Gamers, now you can get your captures automatically uploaded straight to your PlayStation mobile app. This feature has been in beta testing since October 2021 in Canada and Japan. As mentioned above, you can enable this feature to auto upload your shots/videos to your phone. It’s an immensely useful feature for the gamers who are active on communities and is now available to all.

There are a few ifs and buts though. The first one is that the video clips that will be auto uploaded need to be limited to three minutes or less. Also, the captures as a whole will get expired after a period of fourteen days. It might not be out in your region yet, but it has begun rolling out. So, keep an eye of the software updates and load them as soon as they pop up to use this new feature.

How to Enable The PS5 Auto Share Feature?

  1. Go to the Game Library near the bottom of the page on your PS5
  2. Select the Media Gallery
  3. You will get a prompt asking you to “Enable Auto-Upload”
  4. You can also do this by going to the Captures option in the Captures and Broadcasts tab under Settings.
  5. This will now auto upload the media which meets the requirements and now you can head to “Captures” option on your Mobile app to view them

Remember the media will automatically disappear in 14 days, so make sure to save them on your device’s memory. So, just like that a big problem that PS5 fans encountered can now be solved without literally doing anything. You just need to enable the option and your console will take care of the rest.

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