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A 19-year-old man was hurt while attempting to sell his PlayStation 5 to a buyer. The incident took place in Harris County, Texas, on Sunday (United States). Despite the fact that the PS5 has been out for a year, there is still a scarcity of consoles, making this a difficult product to buy. The resale of these platforms is at an all-time high, with Japanese retailers exploring strategies to counteract the activity. The sad reality is that this person was shot while attempting to sell their PlayStation.

The victim had put his PS5 up for sale online, according to ABC13.

The incidents occurred after the parties agreed to meet with the individual in question. The attacker drew his weapon and attempted to rob the young man, according to the police officers. The perpetrator fled the scene without the console after shooting the vendor. The console’s owner was taken to a nearby hospital, where his condition is stable. According to police, the injuries are “not life-threatening.”

  • The PS5 is out of stock for the same reason that we’ve seen shortages of graphics cards, phones, and even cars. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, semiconductors are in short supply. As a result, there is a global supply shortage, prompting some corporations, such as Sony, to consider constructing their own chip manufacturing.
  • Meanwhile, speculators and resellers have taken possession of the consoles and are selling them for over 1,200 euros. To avoid reselling the PS5 boxes in Japan, they have chosen to label them or write the customers’ names on the packaging. According to AMD, the chip scarcity could go until the middle of 2022, despite the fact that companies like Toshiba states that the problem will be until 2023.

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