PS5 Pro / Slim Design Visualized By 3D Artist

It has been more than a year now since PS5’s release and now fans seem to want more. Though the latest PS5 stock has seen certain modifications in the weight and design already, rumors about a new console are in the air. Frankly, it seems a bit unlikely that we’ll see a new PlayStation console for another 1-2 years. However, who’s to say what’ll happen. What we have for you today is a fan design for how the PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim might look like.

Visualizing PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim

A 3D artist Jermaine Smit through LetsGoDigital created models of PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim and they look quite dope. Smit reinterpreted the more powerful version of the console with a rounded shape that looks as if PS3 and PS5 had a beautiful child. PS5 Slim design is a much smaller version and looks like a more curved PS5.

Both versions have a curved design and maintain some details. This includes the LED strips that are just like the PS5 regular console. In addition, the black color which the artist decided to imagine looks quite classy. It provides a rich look to the console. It looks more aesthetically pleasing than the existing white version of the PS5 console.

About PS5 Pro

PS5 PRO Zen 4 + 8K Resolution, Early Development Rumors

It’s time to get excited as according to a rumor PS5 Pro is in early development and might boast an 8K resolution. It might feature a new AMD SOC guaranteeing higher performance and Sony might position it in the premium 4K/8K gaming segment. After all, it is a “PRO” console. The new PS console will feature a decent boost in performance and might consist of processors based on Zen 4 architecture.

It is also being said that it will have an RDNA 3 graphic card, so we can expect it only after RDNA 3 is out on PC. Rumor has it that PS5 Pro is set to launch in late 2023 or 2024. So even if we believe it, it is still very far away. On a realistic timeline, this is very likely, especially considering the power chip shortages. It might be priced somewhere around USD 700, according to the rumors.

That’s right, 700 dollars! It’s majorly because it might be positioned in the premium segment and might feature 8K resolution. The current model of PS5 costs USD 499, so we are looking at a 40% increase in price for PS5 Pro. Not many rumors exist about the PS5 Slim. Also, all these are just rumors and assumptions, so we would request you to take them with a grain of salt.

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