PS5 Pro Might Be Announced This Month: Jeff Grubb

PS5 Pro Might Be Announced This Month- Jeff Grubb

PS5 Pro might be revealed this month during the speculated PlayStation Showcase. Jeff Grubb, a prominent game journalist, talked about it in his recent video.

“I still think the [PlayStation] May Showcase is happening,” Jeff said. “I think it’s a Showcase still, [but it] could be a State of Play.”

Talking about the PS5 Pro Jeff said, “I think we can probably expect to see news about the PS5 Pro now. They’ve done that sort of a mid-gen refresh in a Showcase before if I’m remembering correctly.

“I think that’s how they did the [announcement for] PS4 Pro.”

He mentions “speculation” after he talked about it.

Fact check, Sony announced the PS4 Pro at a press event in New York City on September 7, 2016.The PS4 standard was announced at a press conference on February 20, 2013, three years apart.

It might be too early for a PS5 Pro announcement, but with all the rumors and speculations, I think Sony might pull the trigger early this time.

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