The DualSense is undoubtedly one of the best controllers Sony PlayStation has ever developed for their devices. Even Phil Spencer, Xbox’s CEO, praised the features Sony incorporated with the Dualshock 4. An outside company, ScufGaming (SCUF for short), specializes in modifying controllers and developing its own editions. And just recently, they announced that they will release the PS5 SCUF this coming holiday season.

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Sony Approved?

  • Despite the controller having different color variants, Sony has yet to introduce its own intentions for a new DualSense.
  • This isn’t the first time a company with no direct ties to Sony or Microsoft has created its own controllers for PlayStation or Xbox devices. However, the message does not clearly state what the benefits of this PS5 SCUF will be in comparison to Sony’s DualSense.
  • It is worth noting that if you want complete compatibility and a fully optimized experience when playing PS5, it is generally suggested to purchase the authorized controllers or be certified by Sony itself.

Dbrand Faceplates

Just recently, Dbrand (creators of PS5 Darkplates) has released a new variant 2.0 of its famous black cases; intended specifically for the PS5. According to reports from VGC, Dbrand was obligated to dismiss its initial concept after receiving a threat from Sony.

The cases were $50 per unit and sold out almost instantly, though Dbrand announced on Saturday that they would no longer be selling them due to a cease and desist letter from Sony’s legal team. READ MORE..

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