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Rumors about a Pro variation of the PlayStation 5 recently resurfaced and avid PlayStation fans won’t have to wait any longer for the PS5 to launch. In a report from RedGamingTech, they revealed that the PS5 Pro may release in late 2023.

RedGamingTech tracks AMD tech which the PlayStation 5 uses in its machine

If you’ve been keeping tabs on PlayStation 5 drops, releases, and pre-order lists, then you’re no stranger to the fact that units are in short supply. But in RedGamingTech’s detailed video above on the PS5 Pro, they claim that these units are arriving sooner than anyone expected.

Expect that the PlayStation 5 Pro is twice as fast as the PS5

In RedGamingTech’s report, they also revealed that according to sources, the PS5 Pro has “significant improvements over the base system”. Additionally, the PS5 Pro will be two times faster than the PS5 units in circulation right now. The speed can be multiplied up to 2.5 times if ray-tracing is active on a PS5 Pro unit.

Further into the detailed report from RedGamingTech, they share that the PS5 Pro’s specs is focused on giving players an improved experience with the PlayStation VR.

When is the PlayStation 5 Pro coming out?

RedGamingTech reiterates that the upgraded version of the PS5 is releasing in late 2023. But given the current situation with global chip supplies, the release date may be pushed further into 2024. If this is true, the release of the upgraded console fits into the three-year gap between the release of the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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