Gaming News Roundup: PS5 Pro rumors, Switch 2 delay confirmed, and more

Get ready for some gaming news overload! This week, we’ve got everything from a potential PS5 Pro to a delayed Switch 2, microtransactions, and even a Crazy Taxi revival with a live-service twist. Buckle up, gamers!

PS5 Pro Release Date Rumor

Industry analyst Serkan Toto predicts a PS5 Pro launch in the second half of 2024, aiming to boost sales and capitalize on GTA 6’s arrival.

Switch 2 delayed

However, Nintendo fans face a slight delay with the Switch 2 pushed to early 2025, according to Brazilian journalist Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe.

While the PS5 outsells its competitor, concerns remain:

  • Slow first-party game releases
  • Missed hardware sales goals
  • Falling profit margins

Analysts suggest Sony sees the PS5 Pro as a solution, potentially launching with leaked detailed technical specs this fall. Though unofficially confirmed, hints from executives suggest a 2023 plan that was delayed.

PS5 Slim Announced for November: Pics, Price, Where to Buy
Courtesy of Sony

Analyst Insights:

  • Serkan Toto (Tokyo-based): Sony is likely preparing a PS5 Pro launch in the second half of 2024, aiming for compatibility with a potential 2025 GTA 6 release.
  • George Jijiashvili (Omdia): A PS5 Pro launch with declining hardware sales is possible.
  • Microsoft’s Approach: No confirmed mid-gen upgrade plans, with rumors of a less powerful model this fall. Focus on next-gen hardware with no confirmed release date.

Sony’s Challenges:

Possible Solutions:

  • Live service games.
  • Multiplatform first-party titles.

Additional Considerations:

  • No price reduction for the PS5 Slim is expected after the PS5 Pro launch.
  • Potential ethical concerns surrounding ever-increasing game development costs.

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