According to reports, a “redesign of PS5” could enter manufacturing (and distribution) between the middle and end of 2022. But what will the variations be?  In general, an AMD 6 nanometer Semi-Custom CPU will be available rather than the AMD 5 nanometer Semi-Custom CPU, which is too pricey.

Sony’s objective appears to be to contain prices and sort out the manufacturing difficulties that are restricting the stocks of PlayStation 5. It is unclear if the revamp will only involve internal elements or if there will be visual variations as well. However, since it appears too soon to release a PS5 Slim, the first theory may be the most likely.

Even Sony’s CFO hasn’t eliminated the possibility that the makeover of the PlayStation 5. It is one of the considerations by the Japanese company to prevent production bottlenecks and thus begin selling PS5 at full capacity.

Sony is currently being sued over its exorbitant PlayStation Store cost.  Nevertheless, the company recently granted its Japanese employees a huge bonus, so we’re guessing it has some cash on hand.

In the meantime, Sony will collaborate with Discord to enhance PlayStation’s party chat. It surely is in desperate need of an upgrade!