PS5: Sony Adds “Game Trials” Feature

We have some delightful news for the PS5 owners, which will put a smile o your face. Son keeps surprising its fans from time to time and that is the reason why it is one of the leaders in the gaming market. The news we have pertains to a new free game trials feature that has been added to your PS console. As for this month, two games have been made available for free for PS5 users but it’s for a limited time.

The Free Game Trial

Sony has made two games namely, Death Stranding and Sackboy available for a free trial till 28th October 2021. The trials are available for PS5 owners in the United Kingdom only. The feature is live now and if you look at Store listing for these games, you’ll see the option to download a free trial. The free trial offers you six hours for Death Stranding and five hours for Sackboy.

There is one trial per account per game, according to the small print. Remember, if you purchase some add-ons/DLC during the trial, you can’t use them. They can only be used with the full version of the game in case you decide to buy the game. Also, all saved game data and trophies will carry forward to the full version of the game if you purchase it.

The Catch

Sackboy: A Big Adventure
Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment

There is one huge issue with this feature though. It is that the timer begins from the moment you hit “download trial” via console, or “add to library” via the web. So instead of starting from the moment you play it, it starts from the moment you hit download. This means a lot out of the given time will be spent on downloading and installing the games.

This is a really stupid move as most players will be left with only 1-2 hours of playtime once everything is ready. “I’m downloading the Death Stranding trial now and my PS5 tells me it’ll be nearly two hours before I’ve downloaded enough data to start playing, and three hours until all data is downloaded,” a disappointed user stated.

There is however a way around it as well. You can make a new account with the same region using your main account. Now download the trial on this new account. Now without changing the device, head to your main account and click download trial. Since it’s already installed on your device, you can begin directly and make the most out of the limited time.

It is a good feature that would attract many users, but this weird catch is a mood spoiler. Sony must fix this because it doesn’t make any sense to count download and installation time in the trial as well.

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