PlayStation 5
Courtesy of Sony

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan, in an interview with BBC Click, emphasized on the value of the PS5 over its price. The interview comes after yesterday’s mega PS5 event which revealed more than a dozen games, first-party exclusives, and finally, gave us an official look at the console.

“Conventional wisdom and history show that our business is one of the more recession-proof businesses,” Ryan answered when asked if it is a good time to launch a console. “But I think this will sharpen our need to ensure that we focus on getting the value equation right. And I emphasize value as opposed to price.

“We must be more attentive than ever before to ensure that the overall value proposition in terms of the console and the games – the range of games, the quality of games, the quantity of games – makes this something that our community aspires towards.”

Ryan even talked about how exclusives are important to PS5. He says it’s one point of difference between Sony’s system and others. “Exclusive games are obviously one point of difference between our system and others,” Ryan said. “But I really call out the criteria of quality rather than necessarily exclusivity. And when I look at our worldwide studios, it’s really the quality of the work that they produce that counts.”

Since most of us have our PS4s in our living rooms, Ryan mentioned the fact that the PS5’s aesthetic design would “really grace most living areas”. He said, “That’s what we’ve tried to do. And, you know, we think we’ve been successful in that.”

We still don’t have news on the console’s availability and price but there’s time for that. We’ll notify you when there’s more information on the PS5.

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