The PlayStation 5 has undoubtedly been one of the most hyped consoles ever. The console was launched back in November last year, but the unprecedented demand has led to a massive shortage in stock all across the world. While the console is getting restocked frequently across a number of retailers, the stock is depleting in a matter of seconds. Scalping bots are predominantly the reason for this. Amidst all that, we have got some information about when the stock situation will improve.

In the latest investor report, AMD states that the company is having issues in meeting the demand for its chips. Alongside the massive demand, the shortage of chips is speculated to be the prime reason for the shortage of PS5 consoles. AMD’s CEO Lisa Su had mentioned that “We do see some tightness through the first half of the year.” However, she further assures that there’s “added capacity in the second-half” which suggests that the shortage might resolve by then.

Considering that July is still far away, this might be disappointing news for many fans out there. That being said, if the demand for the console reduces before that, we might as well witness the stock situation improving. It remains to be seen how things pan out for the PlayStation 5 all across the world.


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