It’s been almost a month since the launch of the PlayStation 5, and it’s the console’s stock status which is being talked about more than the console itself. Owing to the coronavirus pandemic and the insane demand for the console, various retailers are unable to cater to the requirements. As a result, many are still unable to get a console for themselves. Amidst all that, several PlayStation units have been stolen in the UK.

Gangs targeting delivery trucks have reportedly stolen PS5 consoles, televisions, and mobile phones, according to a report in The Times. Criminals are apparently targeting goods in transit since it is harder to steal in other parts of the supply chain due to the tighter security.

It seems like the PS5 delivery nightmares aren’t going to end anytime soon. Be it the wrongly delivered items in place of the PlayStation 5 or the stock scarcity in general, fans have a lot to worry about at this point in time. However, it is expected that the situation should get better once the Holiday season is over and is Sony is able to manufacture more stocks in the days to come.


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