PS5 System Update What's new September 2022

All PlayStation owners can now download and install the newest PS5 system update, which has been in beta for the past few weeks!

Its most notable features are compatibility with 1440p resolution displays or televisions, gaming directories, and other services to interact more quickly with friends.

New PS5 System Update: Customizations

  • 1440p HDMI OUTPUT
    • PS5 now enables 1440p video output for monitors and screens of this grade.
    • A native image is displayed on the screen if the game provides 1440p resolution.
    • Supersampling anti-aliasing is used if a higher resolution is used, such as 4K.
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PS5 Update 1440 Resolution
Image Courtesy of Sony
    • As a means of better categorizing the library’s games, a Game Library has been created.
    • Any combination of physical, digital, and streaming titles is included. Additionally, you can have up to a maximum of 15 such directories and 100 games per category.
PS5 Update Game Library
Courtesy of Sony
    • Now you may initiate game sharing by simply asking your friends to do so.
    • If you’ve joined a party where someone is already currently playing a game you’re able to participate in, you’ll receive prompts to immediately join the action.
    • It’s also possible to send stickers and audio messages straight from Game Base.
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PS5 Update Social Option
Image Courtesy of Sony
    • You can now quickly and readily hear the differences between 3D and stereo audio, giving you more options when deciding which you prefer.
PS5 Update 3D Audio
Image Courtesy of Sony

PS App Update

New functions for the PS App for iOS and Android will be released globally throughout the month, in addition to the enhancements on PS5 consoles. To initiate a PS Remote Play session, users of the PS App on iOS and Android devices may simply launch the PS App.

PS5 Update PS App
Image Courtesy of Sony

Subscribers of the PS App will also have the same ability to request a Screen Share session from a PS5 party member as they can with the PS5 itself. This facilitates social interaction from anywhere.

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog
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