PS5 Target Restock January; Possible Drops Starting This Week

Target PS5

Target stores are restocking the PS5. This is the first time we’re hearing news around Target in 2021, and we think we’ll see this year’s first Target PS5 drop very soon.

BIG UPDATE: Target did drop PS5 stock on January 20, around 7:45 AM EST.

If you’re new, we’ve successfully reported the Target Drop for December 21 and December 29. We also reported the Best Buy Drop for December 15 before they officially confirmed it.

According to our regular sources and a few new ones, Target stores are receiving PS5 shipments on January 19 and 21, depending on their regions, i.e., Tuesday and Thursday. Stores are receiving around 4-12 units.

From previous drops, we know that Target usually doesn’t hold stock. So, as soon as Target stores receive stock, we can expect a drop. For this drop, we can circle four dates – January 19, 20, 21, and 22. However, there’s a catch.

The information comes from sources across several regions. So far, we’ve heard from the Southeastern region, Pacific Northwest, Midwest, Northeast, and the South Central region. If you have information about other regions, feel free to DM us on Twitter. We’ll update this article once we get more information.

We might not see many drops in the future as “the tariff exclusions that had shielded many businesses from President Trump’s trade war expired at midnight on Thursday.” You can read more about it by clicking here.

Our friend, Jake Randall made a video about it too. Go check it out. So, drops might be slow for some time. If there’s any drop, however, we’ll still be informing you 24/7 on our Twitter.

The Catch

According to Jake, who has been observing and talking to multiple sources regarding Target, there might not be a massive collective drop but rather small individual ones. “I think stores may post online, one at a time, whenever they feel like it with their 4 consoles each”, Jake said. “I got confirmation from corporate that 2 stores in Texas just did that.”

Stores are getting very little stock and hence, we can’t expect much from Target at this point. From talking to multiple PS5 trackers, I can say that the drops to follow would be comparatively weaker than what we’ve seen in the past. So, it’s better not to have high expectations while still looking out for an opportunity.

A few stores that were supposed to receive PS5 units on the 21st have got them already, i.e., 3 days early. The source mentions a lot of other nearby stores have received the consoles as well. Some stores have as little as 1, while a very few have upwards of 20. Keep in mind though, like every time, some stores are left with no stock at all.

On the contrary, an executive team leader at a Target store in the South Central Region has mentioned that they have received no information about any drops so far. Usually, they receive memos before drops happen, but they haven’t received anything at the time of publishing this article. If something changes, we’ll update the article, so keep checking back.

If we have any updates, we’ll post them on our Twitter account, so make sure to follow us there.

How To Buy The PS5 from Target

Target sells the PS5 online-only. You’ll have to purchase the console online and visit the store for a pick-up or a drive-up. There are no walk-ins whatsoever.

The usual time when Target drops is between 3 AM – 7 AM ET. Be extra ready during 5 AM – 7 AM ET as Target has dropped the PS5 multiple times during these two hours.

Target Purchase Links

PlayStation 5 Disc Edition –

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition –

What are the fastest ways to checkout on Target?

The fastest ways are –

  1. Stay logged in on both the Target website on your computer and on the Target app on your phone.
  2. Based on our observations, most people who’ve secured the PS5 from Target have had success through the Target app on their phones. So, using the app is a must.
  3. If you have a Target RedCard, your checkout gets even faster.
  4. Keep refreshing the Target website and app every 5 minutes. If you don’t want to do so and just wanted to be notified when they drop, follow us on Twitter as we’ll tweet out immediately when there’s a drop.
  5. Make sure you inform your bank/credit card company that you’ll be making a big purchase. Some people have faced order cancelations due to fraud/suspicious activities.
  6. Join our Discord server. We have separate channels for geolocations. This will help you get notified when a Target store in your particular area/region has PS5 units in stock.
  7. If stores based on your zip code have no stock, try nearby zip codes based on your convenience of traveling to go and pick-up the unit.

If we have any more updates regarding Target, we’ll update this article and post a tweet.

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