PS5 Restock at Walmart Today Time and Details Inside

Walmart has revealed a PS5 drop that will only be offered to Walmart+ users tomorrow! Are you ready?

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A new supply of PS5 consoles will be offered online at Walmart shortly. This impending promotion, unfortunately, will be available exclusively to Walmart+ subscribers who have paid for the service.

  • Walmart+ costs around $13 / month and includes features like free delivery, contact-free checking, and access to exclusive deals like this week’s PS5 promotion.
  • On January 13, at 3:00PM (EST), both the digital and physical editions of the PlayStation 5 will be available, allowing Walmart+ subscribers to grab Sony’s latest game console.

To add a PS5 to your order, you must be connected to your Walmart Plus account. So if you haven’t already, ensure you check-in beforehand and remember your details to keep things rolling.

If you haven’t already signed up for Walmart Plus, you’ll need to do so, to qualify for this drop. Sadly, you won’t be able to take advantage of the service’s 15-day free trial.

Walmart PS5 Guide

Check out the latest buying guide from Jake Randall below!

  • Subscribe to Walmart+ (paid account).
  • Follow the steps and do not accept the Free Trial.
  • Walmart will always restock online and ship to your home.
  • Walmart uses a queue system. At the time of the restock, start refreshing 30 seconds before!
  • More Walmart accounts, more extra places in the queues. 1 device, 1 account.
Thanks, Jake Randall for all the helpful tips!

Still In Demand

The COVID-19 epidemic undoubtedly harmed the gaming behemoth’s productivity, and the resulting scarcity persisted until the end of 2021. Luckily, Walmart has debunked speculations and stated publicly that a refill will take place on December 8.

Some may perceive this as a devious tactic for the merchant to extract more money from eager players. However, many PlayStation aficionados are willing to pay whatever it takes to get their hands on the latest gaming technology.

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