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Aftermarket Arbitrage’s Jack Bayliss offers a subscription service in which users pay £30 per month. This is to receive updates about fresh reruns of expensive items like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The proprietor of a significant reselling company argues that he is assisting in the development of new businesses.

With 1,500 subscribers, Bayliss claims to be earning $61,000 per month. A business in which assisting subs in purchasing coveted things in bulk and reselling them at greater rates. The general public gets a chance to participate with the possibility to purchase them at their original price.

Global Chip Shortage

Despite the fact that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles have been out for almost a year, finding one is still exceedingly tough. The all-too-familiar semiconductor scarcity is one of the key causes of this dilemma. Because of the shortfall, it’s difficult for Microsoft and Sony to produce the number of consoles they want to sell.

Jack Bayliss capitalizes on the scarcity of supply by providing a profitable service that assists scalpers in making money in the market. He claimed this,

“very in tune with my moral compass, as a human,” in an interview with Sky News. “But I get to see the flip side of the coin, the area that the media and the general public who hate us quote ‘scalpers’ [don’t see],” Jack Bayliss added.

He argued that investing an extra £100 should not be an issue for consumers who are keen to get their hands on a £450 system.

Bayliss went on to say that his subscribers may now make a decent month’s wage in a few days. He noted that the majority of his service’s subscribers are fairly young. He sees this as a sign that they are taking initiative.

“What they’re doing is they’re being entrepreneurs, they’re going out, creating a side income, and they’re doing something that 90% of the population can’t be bothered to do,” Jack Bayliss told Sun News. “They spend more time with their family, with their kids.” We’ve had people who’ve been able to renovate their house, they bought the kids a climbing frame,  they bought the wives new cars, they bought themselves new cars.”

Bot Scalpers

To combat bot-driven scalping in the UK, the Gaming Hardware (Automated Purchase and Resale) Bill was introduced in the UK Parliament in 2021. Despite the fact that there is no guarantee that it will become law. In December, a group of US Democrats submitted a bill to prohibit the use of bots. The purpose of these bots is to scalp high-value commodities such as video game consoles.


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