How To Buy A PS5 - Complete Guide

PS5 has a fresh firmware update. The release notes are minimal, as they are with most firmware updates for Sony’s systems, and merely highlight improved system performance. However, like with other system updates, the update is likely to include some hidden modifications.

Version 21.02-04.50.00 improves system performance and does nothing else, according to Sony’s patch notes.
  • The September update included support for 3D audio through TV speakers. As well as the ability to increase the console’s storage using an out-of-the-box M.2 SSD. By enabling 3D audio for headphones, Sony claims it increases game audio quality in select titles.
  • Players notice that the update includes the option to remove the notification icon after capturing a screenshot.
    • Previously, whenever a player took a screenshot, a little icon would show in the corner. This is to indicate that the screenshot had been taken.
    • However, because the console does not isolate its UI from the operating system of the game while taking screenshots, if gamers captured another image while the icon was displaying, the icon would appear in the new screenshot (and would create a new icon of its own).
    • This was resolved with the September PS5 system update, which added a new option to the Capture settings that allowed players to turn off icons.

In July, Sony announced that the PS5 has surpassed 10 million sales globally. This is slightly under a month faster than the PS4. However, due to ongoing stock shortages, it has fallen behind its predecessor in terms of sales.

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