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Sony hasn’t revealed the PS5’s design yet and it has been making fans very impatient. While devkits have been leaked in the past, according to past trends their aesthetics hardly resemble the retail unit in any aspect whatsoever.

While fans are wondering what the PS5 would look like, a recent leak from Russian video games website Gamesmag reveals some subtle hints about what we can expect from the PS5. Here is a quick rundown of all the information they have got from a “specialist involved in the development of the popular American game”:

  • “The design of the real console is different from all the options that were previously published on the network under the guise of insiders.
  • The console stands out with one very unusual detail about which no one has yet talked about, but the insider decided not to disclose it to us either . Reason: there is a possibility that this detail can be used to track where the “drain” came from.
  • Sony has not yet revealed all the secrets of the console. She should announce another important system feature. Some of the information about this chip has already flickered in the Western press, but no one paid attention to it.
  • The console is not like the design plan for the X the Series the Xbox . This is not a smart speaker style device. The PlayStation 5 looks like a classic set-top box – it’s a flat square symmetrical box with rounded edges .
  • But at the same time, the console is very thick. It is almost twice as thick as the PlayStation 4 Pro”

Considering the fact that this is a rumor, take it with a grain of salt. With Sony’s reveal coming as early as next week, we should be able to learn more about the console very soon.



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