Will PS6 Arrive in 2030 Reddit's Gaming Community Weighs In
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The buzz around Sony’s PS6 is heating up. A leaked document surfaced a few months back, igniting speculation about the console with some juicy clues about what’s in store. The anticipation for the release date of the PS6 is at an all-time high, with Reddit users joining in on the hype and sharing their predictions.

Redditors Predict PS6 Release Date

Based on Sony’s console release patterns, many gamers are predicting a launch window between 2028-2030. Sony’s history of releasing consoles seems to back up this speculation, but there’s a factor to consider. The release of PS5 has faced delays caused by the pandemic, which means the launch of PS6 may take a bit longer than anticipated.

Lost in translation: PS6 2027 rumors “debunked” according to Redditors

In the world of gaming, contracts and deals are constantly in motion. The reason a 2027 release date is making waves is that it marks the end of the previous COD deal, which was set to be in effect until 2027. The current deal, which lasts 10 years, will wrap up in 2034.


  • In the original document, it states that “the next generation of its PlayStation console” wouldn’t launch until after the contract expires – which is in 2027.
  • Although it’s not a 100% confirmation, we got some info that hints at what we might not see in the PS6. It looks like if Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) decides not to extend its contract with Activision, we might have to say goodbye to some seriously epic titles.
PS6 Files Leaked
Screenshot Courtesy of Assets Publishing Service (UK)

And let’s be real, that’s not just a bummer for SIE, but for all avid gamers out there. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that things work out in our favor.

PS6 Possible Specs

  • 16-core Photonic Processor
  • 12 Cores Arm CPU
  • 32-48 GB RAM
  • 100 teraflops with RTX 4090 or Higher
  • 120 FPS 4k or 8K

How much will the PS6 cost?

  • While we can’t say for sure what kind of exciting features the PS6 will have, we do know that past PlayStation consoles typically cost between $400 to $500.
  • However, with cutting-edge technology advancing at lightning speed, it’s safe to assume that the PS6 will be top-of-the-line and might fall in the range of $600 to $700+.

All Sony Gaming Console and Devices Timeline

1991 The Play Station
1994 PlayStation
2000 PS One
PlayStation 2
2003 PlayStation X
2004 PlayStation 2 Slimeline
PlayStation Portable
2006 PlayStation 3
2007 PSP 2000
2008 PlayStation 2 Slimeline v2
PSP 3000
2009 PlayStation 3 Slim
2011 PSP E1000
PS Vita
2012 PlayStation 3 Super Slim
2013 PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4 (White)
PS Vita (PCH-2000)
2020 PlayStation 5

But wait.. Are PS5s more available now?

While standalone consoles are harder to come by, you can get your hands on the most popular PS5 bundle right now, which includes God of War Ragnarok. And if you prefer the digital edition, don’t worry – the same bundle is available for the PS5 Digital Edition.

Will the PS5 shortage end this 2023?

  • With the decline of the virus outbreak, the PS5 shortage is becoming a thing of the past. The latest Sony console is now more readily available than ever before.
  • The PS5 has been a huge hit, with over 32.1 million units shipped by February 2023 according to their recent earnings releases. This impressive number is right on track with the 30 million lifetime sales figure the company shared back in January.

When do you think the PS6 will be released? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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